ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Nolensville High School

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Nolensville High School

Timothy Stayskal


Timothy Stayskal, son of John and Tracy Stayskal, is a junior at Nolensville High School and a member of the varsity football team.

He plays the positions of wide receiver and outside linebacker.

One of his favorite accomplishments so far at Nolensville is when he made 10 catches against Spring Hill and ran 97 yards.

Stayskal grew up playing football for fun with his older brothers. He said he remembers playing with them from a very young age. As a sixth grader at Sunset Middle School, he decided he would try out for the team. He’s been playing ever since.

He said the driving factor in his performance on the field is the fact that he has people counting on him to do his best. He always keeps this in mind as he is training and competing on the field.

One of his biggest influencers and role models is his brother.

“We have grown up together and I look up to him in a lot [of ways.] He has shown me how to handle a lot of situations.”

Head football coach at Nolensville, Coach Hester said of Stayskal, “Tim is the epitome of a student athlete, he gives 100% in everything he does on the field and in the classroom.”


After graduating from Nolensville High, he would like to pursue a degree in aerospace engineering.

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