ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Nolensville High School

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Nolensville High School

Zane Johnson


Zane Johnson, son of Joey and Monique Johnson, is a freshman at Nolensville High School and a member of the golf team.

Johnson said that this year, one of the highlights was initially making the team as a freshman. He also shot one over par at Brentwood Country Club and last year, won the Williamson County Middle School Championship with a two under par score.

Johnson started playing competitively at the age of nine. When he was even younger, he said that he always played for fun with his family and on vacations.  Eventually, though, he realized he had a desire to play more seriously and become a better player.

As he trains and competes, he is looking toward the future. Eventually, he would like to play golf in college and  then professionally.

His role model is his brother, Connor. Connor is a senior at the Air Force Academy and is always encouraging his younger brother.

“[He] is always talking to me about being the best I can be and trying my hardest at everything I do, as well as being a good person.”

Although graduation is four years away, he already has a plan laid out for the future. He hopes to attend Vanderbilt University and play golf there. After that, he would like to get his PGA Tour card.

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