Brentwood and Franklin city governments encourage ride sharing with Hytch app

Brentwood and Franklin city governments encourage ride sharing with Hytch app

ABOVE: Nolensville Mayor Jimmy Alexander takes a Hytch test ride in a promotional video last year. // PHOTO FROM HYTCH


Franklin and Brentwood both have adopted the Hytch Rewards app to incentivize employees to share rides and reduce traffic in the Greater Nashville region.

The City of Franklin rolled out its partnership with Hytch in early 2019, following in the footsteps of The City of Brentwood, which deployed Hytch in fall of 2018.

Hytch is a Nashville-based technology company focused on accelerating the use of shared mobility solutions (carpools, public transit, vanpools, etc.) in urban and surrounding areas like the ten county Middle Tennessee region. Using the free Hytch Rewards app available for Android and iOS smartphones, Hytch uses gamification, interactive education and incentives to promote the social, economic, and environmental benefits of shared mobility.

Users are rewarded with cash incentives based on their shared travel, and Hytch Rewards partners, including companies like Nissan, education insitutions like Lipscomb University, government agencies like the Tennnessee Department of Transportation, and cities like Brentwood, help underwrite the incentives.

“Employees with the City of Brentwood are intrigued with the Hytch platform and usership is growing. In the first six months of our launch, we have already reached half our total goal. We feel proud that we are helping incentivize our employees to do their part to help ease traffic congestion in Middle Tennessee,” said Kirk Bednar, Brentwood City Manager.

Mark Cleveland, co-founder and owner, Hytch.

By partnering with Hytch, fast growing cities like Brentwood and Franklin are able to take steps today to reduce congestion when mass transit options are a distant conversation.  Participating cities can cut congestion and pollution without building additional transit or infrastructure. In fact, building the equivalent infrastructure in one city would cost more than the Hytch solution in 30 cities. Hytch has partnered with other employers in the region including Goodwill Industries of Middle TN, Onin Staffing, and HG Hill.

“We are excited to launch this pilot program that provides an incentive for carpooling among our more than 750 team members. This will help take cars off the road and reduce the competition for parking spaces. This program demonstrates our commitment to all employees, whether they live inside Franklin or drive from surrounding counties,” said Eric Stuckey, Franklin City Administrator.

Everyone in the City of Franklin is eligible to earn rewards by using the app, but City of Franklin employees have access to additional cash rewards through their employee reward program. City of Franklin employees can earn these rewards by sharing a ride to work, ending their trip within the city limits and using their employee ID number as a promo code. All Hytch users can redeem their cash rewards from the app after they have accumulated $10.

“America is a car centric culture.  Everyone can now feel the debilitating impacts of congestion.  Leaders can see that people who share a ride are actually solving the problem, in real time, and these commuters deserve a reward,” said Hytch Co-founder and CEO Mark A. Cleveland.  “We should celebrate every time we see two or more people in a car.  We look forward to working on this problem with every major city, every major employer and anyone looking for immediate, climate friendly solutions to traffic.”

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