Brentwood Fire and Rescue will soon have bulletproof gear

Brentwood Fire and Rescue will soon have bulletproof gear


Brentwood’s firefighters will soon have bulletproof vests and helmets.

The city voted to buy the gear at a City Commission meeting on Monday night.

The vests and helmets will cost about $20,000, but Fire Chief Brian Goss said that the department needs the gear so they can respond to potentially violent situations.

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“We never thought we’d be doing this, but it’s actually become the standard of care in fire now,” he said at an informational meeting for City Commissioners on Thursday.

In 2014, the Federal Emergency Management Agency recommended that all fire and EMS personnel in the U.S. should have bulletproof gear to protect first responders during violent events.

The National Fire Protection Association also released guidelines for responding to active shooter events in April, which recommend giving firefighters bulletproof vests. 

The Fire and Rescue Department, along with the Brentwood Police Department and other Williamson County agencies, is finalizing guidelines for responding to active shooter and hostile events.

The policies in Williamson County will match the guidelines recently released by the National Fire Protection Association.

Last year, all Fire and Rescue personnel attended a course called Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. That course teaches first responders how to save lives during a violent attack against civilians.

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