Brentwood purchases land for new fire station in East Brentwood

Brentwood purchases land for new fire station in East Brentwood


Brentwood will purchase a piece of land for a new fire station in East Brentwood.

The City Commission authorized the purchase of about two acres near the intersection of Split Log Road and Ragsdale Road during a meeting on Monday night. The property will cost about $685,000.

According to the Brentwood Fire and Rescue Department, the eastern part of the city has seen a big increase in the number of calls during the past several years. The area will need a new fire station to respond to calls quickly.

The area the new station would serve saw a 72 percent increase in calls between 2016 and 2018. The response time in that area is just over 12 minutes. The target response time is about seven minutes 90 percent of the time.

Last year, the developer of the Tuscany Hills subdivision offered to give the city a piece of land for a fire station in the subdivision. Residents complained that they weren’t part of the process and the City Commission didn’t approve the proposal.

After the failure of the proposal last year the city started looking for a large enough property near Split Log Road with a willing seller. The city also wanted a piece of property that wasn’t close to existing homes. The closest home is about 540 feet away.

The new fire station likely won’t be built for several years. The city hopes to build the new police headquarters first. The property has an existing home, but the city doesn’t plan to use it.

The previous owner of the property can stay on the property for up to two years. At the same meeting, the Commission also approved an agreement with the landowner that will let him live there while he looks for a new home.

“The person who lives there, Mr. Abrams, now needs another place to live and needs a little bit of time to do that,” City Manager Kirk Bednar said.

Brentwood already budgeted $500,000 to purchase the property. The additional money will come from unspent money from the last fiscal year.

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