Families Anonymous, a 12-Step recovery program, starts in Franklin on Jan. 9

Families Anonymous, a 12-Step recovery program, starts in Franklin on Jan. 9

Families Anonymous, a worldwide, 12-Step recovery program, is coming to Franklin on Jan. 9.

It offers support to people whose lives have been affected by a relative’s or friend’s use of mind-altering substances or related behavioral problems.

Weekly meetings will begin taking place at 7 p.m. on Jan. 9 at Journey Pure, 135 Second Ave North, Suite 210, in downtown Franklin.

The excessive use of drugs — and the behavioral problems related to it — can wreak havoc on the life of the abuser. Over time, it can also devastate and destroy the abuser’s relationships with family members, friends, coworkers, and any others drawn into his or her problems. As the people around the substance abouser seek ways out of the overwhelmingly negative situations in which they find themselves, they typically focus on “fixing” their addicted loved ones. However, they are often unaware of how their own patterns of thoughts and actions may be contributing to the problem. This is where Families Anonymous can help.

Families Anonymous (FA) , founded in 1971, is a self-help program based on the Twelve Step recovery model of Alcoholics Anonymous. FA’s philosophy begins with the premise that when one family member is in trouble and abusing drugs, his or her whole family is in trouble and needs help.

First names only are used at meetings to preserve individual anonymity. No dues or fees are required for membership. The program is spiritual in nature and is open to all who feel they might benefit from its meetings. Advance notice is not necessary to attend a meeting. Visitors are welcome.

For more information about these meetings, contact franklinfa615@gmail.com; Brenna at 615-948-7522; or Dave at 615-485-1432.

Find out more about the Families Anonymous program by going to the FA website, www.familiesanonymous.org, or by calling FA’s World Service Office at (847) 294-5877 or (800) 736-9805.

All calls and contacts are confidential.

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