Friends of the Brentwood Library announces artists on display for February

Friends of the Brentwood Library announces artists on display for February

The Friends of the Brentwood Library has installed the February gallery and showcase exhibits featuring the work of local artists at the John P. Holt Brentwood Library.

The February Gallery will feature paintings from the various artists of the 2Rivers Society of Painters, while the January Showcases will display the metalwork of Ben Caldwell. Art is available for purchase.

The gallery and showcase exhibits remain up for the entire month. The public may view the displays during library hours, free of charge.

February Gallery Artists

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Yellow Meditation

The 2Rivers Society of Painters is a dedicated, diverse group of professional artists formed in a quest to create quality art. Society member Jim Diehr holds a PhD in art, while Hilda Waide is a former high school art teacher in Davidson County. Pat Patrick is a chemical engineer turned painter, while Leah Foote turned to art after a career in education. Former paralegal Eunice Kern now travels the world to pleine aire paint. Patsy Sharpe returned to college for a fine arts degree at 48 and is now a Signature Artist in the Tennessee Watercolor Society.

For 2Rivers Society of Painters, painting and pursuing their dreams is their major goal.

To learn about 2Rivers Society of Painters and see more work, visit their website:



February Showcase Artist

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Ben Caldwell’s copper banana leaf functions as a bowl. // SUBMITTED

Metalworker Ben Caldwell is displaying custom-hammered, raised and chased metalwork. Using copper and silver, Ben creates pieces that marry beauty and functionality, including cups, bowls, servers, salad sets, trays and spoons, as well as wall mirrors and jewelry. A classically trained painter and sculptor with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Tufts, Caldwell went on to study under nationally renowned metal worker Terry Talley. With the help of this incredible teacher and support from loved ones, he started Ben & Lael Inc., creating and selling custom pieces of copper, silver and enamel art. Caldwell has received the Tennessee Artist’s Guild’s “Emerging Artist of the Year” award and has had work commissioned as a wedding present for Amy Grant and Vince Gill.

To learn more about Ben Caldwell and see more of his work, visit his website:

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