HOME SWEET HOME: Basic tips and necessities to cover for college-bound students

HOME SWEET HOME: Basic tips and necessities to cover for college-bound students

As many head off to college for the first time this fall, transitioning from teen to young adult in what may feel like a matter of days can be overwhelming. There are several things that new students will be in charge of. Talking about finances, health matters and insurance is rarely fun for anyone, especially a teen heading to college. It can also be an especially stressful time for parents who are suddenly strapped for cash and hoping that their child will be safe no matter how far they go or close they stay.

Below, State Farm Insurance experts have compiled a list of things to keep track of and prepare for as your child heads off to college.


  • Set a budget. It is important to start out strong financially. If your student will have a job in college or an allowance, create a budget that prioritizes needs first and wants second. An online banking app is recommended to keep track of spending.
  • Make sure to check for a branch of your bank in the college town, or open up a new account at a bank near campus.


  • Make sure vaccinations are up to date. Many have the tendency to take vaccinations with a grain of salt. However, there are certain viruses and illnesses that can be fatal, especially on college campuses.
  • If your student has any pertinent medical information such as allergies or medical conditions/ medications, make sure to send that information with them.
  • Learn where college health services are and what’s available to students. Every college campus has a nurse on staff, just as high schools do. It is important to locate where the nurse’s office is in case you ever need to pay a visit. Many colleges offer free check-ups and appointments.


  • Check that your car insurance covers your student. It is important to set up a schedule for your student so that they know when to go into the shop for certain check ups, oil changes or repairs.

Expert tip: Find a mechanic in your college town that is reliable, close by and affordable to make life a little easier as your child navigates through their first year.

  • Make sure that your family health insurance policy extends to your college-age kid. It is crucial to figure this out before going to school so that your child does not end up spending large amounts on medical expenses that should be covered.

Expert tip: If they are not covered, make sure to purchase individual health insurance before going off to school.

  • If you or your student is going to be living on campus, they are most likely covered by your homeowners/renters policy or the school’s personal policy. However, if they live off campus, renters insurance is an absolute must-have.

Check back with us here at Home Sweet Home for more insurance tips and safety advice to help you in your day-to-day life.

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