HOME SWEET HOME: Getting summer chores in order

HOME SWEET HOME: Getting summer chores in order


Right around this time of summer, many parents start to get antsy. The kids have been out of school for somewhere around a month and bedrooms have started to turn into disaster zones. Sure, being able to send the kids outside to play every day is a great way to tire them out and keep some order around the house. But there’s no reason children can’t help mom and dad out from time to time! That’s where a summer chore chart comes in.

Many families experience a change in routine over the summer months, or possibly a lack of routine at all. It’s important to set guidelines for children so that 1) parents don’t get too burnt out and 2) the transition back into the school routine won’t be so difficult. And who doesn’t love to keep a clean, organized home?

For younger children, start with small tasks and build up from there. On the chart have “pick up toys in bedroom/ playroom” two or three times a week and “make bed” every morning.

For older kids, and depending on the number of children, alternate who has to do dishes every night, vacuums certain rooms each week, or folds the laundry.

When it comes to the design of the chart, make it fun and interactive! Use a magnetic dry erase board and have them create their own personalized magnets with puff paint, glitter, or a funny picture of themselves. When they’ve completed a task, they can put a magnet in the specific chore’s box to indicate it’s been done.

If as a parent you sense hesitance, there’s no shame in a little bribe. After a week of chores, offer each child (if there is more than one) a reward. A sweet treat, video game, or movie ticket. Whoever completes the most of their chores gets the first pick!

After all is said and done, your children will have a better grasp on responsibility and will have made a habit out of their chore schedule. By the time school is back in session, their chores will be second nature.

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