HOME SWEET HOME: How and where to find the perfect patio set

HOME SWEET HOME: How and where to find the perfect patio set


As the summer slowly winds down, nights on the back porch and dinners around the table outside slow down with it.

Sometimes it is hard to keep up appearances with patio furniture and décor. However, there are a few things that you can be on the lookout for that will keep your comfy nights outside up to date and stylish.

William Talbot, the owner of Sears Hometown Store in Franklin, has a plethora of patio furniture that makes the perfect, subtle addition to any home’s outdoor atmosphere.

Neutral colored, plush patio furniture is in style, and carried at Sears Hometown. Currently, Talbot and his associates say that they tend to see customers coming in and grabbing for neutral-toned furniture, in differing shades of brown and grey.

Another top feature to look out for is stone or ceramic tile topped patio tables. Traditional patio tables are often made of glass, which can easily be scratched and hard to get squeaky-clean after they’ve been out in the weather. Ceramic tiled tables are weather-resistant, no matter the season and are always in style.

When looking for chairs, it is important to find ones that are equally durable and comfortable. Most popular today are the weather resistant, fashionable chairs made of outdoor resin weave. This resin weave stands the test of time and comes in shades light to dark.

With the durable frames, comfortable and durable cushions are needed. Talbot suggests seeking out solution-dyed acrylic, which resists UV rays, as well as moisture, dirt, stains and mildew.

A great set with these weather resistant cushions can be found here. In addition to the cushions, you can purchase pillows to brighten up the neutral palette. Step outside of the box!

If the classic table and chairs are too traditional for you, there’s a new trend to be on the lookout for. Tables with built-in fireplaces are the new-and-improved fire pit. An enclosed, gas fire pit gives the atmosphere of a bonfire with the convenience and safety perfect for a patio.

Talbot said demand for outdoor furniture runs the gamut.

“Some go for the cheapest they can find, some go for those with more storage, and some people want it to look like an outdoor kitchen,” he said.

The outdoor kitchen style is currently quite popular. Creating a comfortable atmosphere with plush couches, umbrellas, lights, a grill and a stylish table is key for homeowners who like to entertain on the back patio.

What are customers asking for as the perfect outdoor dining furniture? Sears Hometown Store associate Dakota Smith said: “They want a family gathering place. When they get home from work and their kids have been at the pool all day, they want somewhere where they can eat dinner outside cause the weather’s nice by the pool with the dogs out.”

Speaking of dogs, if you come check out the furniture at Sears Hometown Store, make sure to visit these two!

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