HOME SWEET HOME: How to minimize wasted energy in your home

HOME SWEET HOME: How to minimize wasted energy in your home

When was the last time you took a good look at your windows? Not through your windows – but at them? If you see wood rot, condensation, cracked caulking and other issues, you could be throwing energy dollars out the window.

Next, take a fresh look at your doors. If you see light through the cracks, that’s more wasted energy. Is it drafty by those windows and doors? That’s not good either.

Simply put, when enough windows and doors have cracks, crevices and other issues, your house is basically missing a wall.

Energy vampires think that’s great. We don’t. At Lee Company, we’re dedicated to making your home as comfortable and energy efficient as possible. Our energy services specialists will come out and look at everything that affects the energy in your home, from appliances and HVAC systems to insulation, windows and doors. After assessing your unique situation, we’ll suggest how to save the most on your utility bills.

For example, your windows and doors may simply need caulking. We can do that. If you need new windows, we handle that, too. Lee Company offers high-efficiency windows with ultraviolet protection molecularly bonded into the glass. These beautiful windows reflect heat back to its source, so the heat stays out in the summer and in during the winter. (And they’re almost maintenance free!)

Drop the curtain on energy vampires

Learn more about Lee Company’s window replacement and energy evaluations. Act now, and if you decide to purchase new windows, you may qualify for special financing!

Are energy vampires draining your wallet?

Find out with this quick quiz.

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