HOME SWEET HOME: Keeping your wireless home safe and secure

HOME SWEET HOME: Keeping your wireless home safe and secure

With all the wireless connectivity, especially inside our homes, it can be difficult to feel safe. Everything from kitchen appliances, cell phones and televisions are connected to the internet. There’s even apps now to lock doors and turn off lights from your mobile device. With items such as these, security is now top priority.

According to State Farm experts, “cyber security protocols aren’t nearly as strong for home devices as what you would find on a laptop or smartphone.” Because home devices are so often connected to the internet, this gives hackers and viruses easier access into your cell phone and laptop. Once a cyber thief has access to your home devices, if on the same network as your phone, they also gain access to passwords, credit card information and other personal information.

Below, State Farm experts have come up with a list of ways to keep you and your family’s safe and secure online:

  1. It is important to make sure you have the lowest amount of “entry points” possible so that hackers have less opportunities to get in. Experts recommend taking inventory of your home devices and consolidating as much as possible.
  2. Use separate networks. In order to maximize security, create a separate network for your home devices that is not connected to your phone and laptop. If you connect your home devices to a guest network, that ensures that hackers will not gain access into your bank accounts anytime soon.
  3. Use more than one type of authentication to get into a device. If your system offers multi-factor authentication, USE IT. This will add another layer of security to your devices which gives hackers another hoop to jump through. A much harder, impenetrable hoop. This way, even if someone were able to get your password, it does not mean they have entry into your devices.
  4. Update, update, update. Make sure to update your devices as often as they prompt you to. All devices have updates that include new-and-improved security measures.

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