HOME SWEET HOME: Latest trends in kitchen cabinets and design

HOME SWEET HOME: Latest trends in kitchen cabinets and design


With the quick turnover in kitchen trends today, it can be hard to figure out what’s “in” and what’s “out.”

From ’80s mod with pastels, embellishments and modern lines to ’90s clunky wooden kitchens, it can be hard to keep up. Today, it seems trends are in and out before you can even purchase the next hottest item.

However, there are a few things that have stayed popular over the years and you can expect to last a while longer before being cast into the growing out-of-style pile.

The Brentwood Home Page spoke with Michelle Sherwood of Ellen Sherwood Design in Cool Springs to discuss current kitchen cabinet and design trends.

Most of what is “in style” design today is inspired by minimalism.

“All-white kitchens are still hot, don’t see them going out of style anytime soon. They’re kind of like a blank canvas,” Sherwood said.

By having a white kitchen, it is easier to throw in pops of color where needed. The space appears more cohesive when the background is one clean, crisp color. Not to mention, it’s much easier to clean when the backdrop to your messes is white.

Sherwood also said that over the last several years and to this today, she works with clients that request the popular, comforting color of “greige.” For those who may not be up on one of the decade’s most popular colors, greige is a mixture of grey and beige. It is perfect for kitchen cabinets, walls and tiles. It has the similar aspect of cohesion as a white kitchen, just not as stark. It is a true “lived in” color.

Next up are materials. When it comes to picking materials, things can get a little complicated. First, you start off wanting brass knobs, then glass, then you change your mind to silver. You want white cabinets, then a grey island. It can all be a little overwhelming.

According to Sherwood, mixing materials is “in” now more than ever.

“I’m seeing lots of mixed materials. All white cabinets, and then a blue or grey island,” she said. “Also, mixing metals in your kitchen.”

She said often times, she sees people mixing different shades of brass or silver in their kitchen along with mixed countertops. She often notices “a type of granite on the perimeter and a different one for the island.”

In keeping with the theme of eclectic but minimal, there is a trend in blue cabinets in mostly neutral kitchens. A colored cabinet gives a pop of color to an otherwise simple kitchen palette.

As far as cabinetry design, she said that shaker doors are an in demand item to have featured in your kitchen. Sherwood said, “The Shaker style is characterized by a recessed flat panel and rail frames.  It’s a clean and simple look that works well with both contemporary and traditional design.”

When aiming to hit a trend on time, it doesn’t always land on target. However, these simple suggestions are timeless. The minimal style with muted, neutral tones and themes of white will ensure a beautiful kitchen that will outlast tomorrow’s fads.

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