HOME SWEET HOME: On trend paint colors

HOME SWEET HOME: On trend paint colors


Choosing a paint color is rarely an easy task.

Not only do you have to be decisive, narrowing in on the exact shade you want for a given room, but if you have any interest on being up to date, you’ve got to do a little bit of research. Depending on your personality, you may be doing a lot of research.

However, here in the Home Sweet Home section, we are all about simplification. That’s why we’ve teamed up with a cabinet, countertop, and home improvement aficionado, Michelle Sherwood of Ellen Sherwood Design, to give you the best and fastest answers possible.

In the last five years or so, we have seen shades of greys, browns, tans, and blues come and go. However, when picking the exact shade, knowing what’s “in” can be a task.

Up until the last two years, cool tones were all the rage. Cooler greys, blues and whites have been in every kitchen, bedroom, living room; you name it. They bring a certain amount of simplicity and modernity to a room and a home altogether.

However, in 2017, trends are moving away from the cooler tones and into warmer ones.

For example, instead of stark whites, you will see more creams. Instead of cool taupes, you will find warmer tan shades.

Now, this is not to say that whites are ever going to be “out.” White is a classic non-color that brings feelings of cleanliness, organization and minimalism to a room. Sherwood says she sees whites staying on trend, no matter the season or decade.

One of the most popular colors of the last few years is “greige.” Greige is the perfect mix of grey and beige. It is calming, neutral and classic. Sherwood says she is still seeing this popular color in kitchens a lot, whether it be on countertops or walls.

Along with washes of greige, Sherwood says pops of color in a neutral setting are very on trend. She said that she is seeing a lot of “all white cabinets, and then a blue or grey kitchen island.” She suggests that colors such as greige and white create the perfect space for a pop of blue.

As far as colors you should run from, golden and darker brown tones are going out. They tend to make rooms appear smaller, darker and dated.

For more tips and tricks to improve your home, check back in with us soon.

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