HOME SWEET HOME: The best in refrigerators, which one to pick, and why

HOME SWEET HOME: The best in refrigerators, which one to pick, and why


Technologically speaking, everything is moving forward.

For many, this is a blessing and for those that would prefer cellphones have never been invented, a burden.

With most things having a touch screen, Bluetooth, or smart features, it can be difficult to discern which product is top-of-the- line. One item with new features that may surprise many is the refrigerator. Since when did fridges tell us the time, temperature or play music?

The time is now and Sears Hometown Store in Cool Springs has every fridge feature you could think of.

There’s a fridge for everyone. Some people prefer low maintenance refrigerators similar to ones that have been made in the past decade. Those are still very easy to come by. However, even these standard fridges have helpful, new features that even the most traditional customer would love.

Most refrigerators being sold today have expert cooling technology, internal light systems, and a water-filtration system. However, several models are upping the game.

Having large, successful companies involved in the refrigerator business has created a lot of excitement with innovative, impressive results to back that excitement up. LG used to exclusively produce cellphones, televisions and computers, but they are now making their mark in the world of refrigerators, as is Samsung.

The two most-popular types of fridges are French door and side by side. French door refrigerators refer to those that have two doors on the front that open into a double-sided fridge, with a pull-out freezer drawer underneath. A side-by-side fridge refers to the style that was most popular up until the past decade or so. Side-by-side has two doors on the front, the right refrigerated side being the larger of the two and the left side designated for the freezer.

Both Samsung and LG are making big waves in terms of the French door refrigerators. At Sears Hometown Store, there is a display set up for LG showcasing their newest designs. One of the best sellers is the LG French door stainless steel refrigerator.

In side-by-sides, Kenmore takes the cake with the best selling Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Grab-N-Go Door. This “grab-n-go” feature is perfect if you’re in a rush to make a meal or headed out the door. With one look, you can spot the snack or ingredient you need without ever having to open up the door.

Owner of Sears Hometown Store William Talbot says that the traditional stainless steel model is in the highest demand right now, but he sees trends moving towards all black stainless steel. He says people are really enjoying their all black models due to their modern, sleek look and design.

The best seller is the LG 4-door French Door black stainless steel refrigerator that has dual freezer drawers. This fridge also has smart technology capabilities with a Smart Cooling Plus technology that aligns with other fridge features to maintain perfect temperature and humidity levels. This in turn keeps all produce fresher longer.

For customers that are just itching for the best, most hi-tech option, Samsung has created refrigerators that will scratch that itch.

The Samsung Capacity Counter Depth 4-door Flex Refrigerator with Family Hub, although having a lengthy name that may be hard to remember, makes life so much easier. This is the first of its kind with tons of Internet capabilities, including food management and wired entertainment. It has a touch screen on the front for easy access.

The word “flex” is used for a reason. The bottom, right drawer can be used as a refrigerator or freezer, which maximizes storage space. As with many of the best refrigerators, it has specialty LED lighting that brightens every internal inch of the fridge. Talbot says people reach for this model often for its obvious glitz and glamour, but more so because of its ease of use. It also has fingerprint-proof coating to eliminate all those smudges.

Several different companies are moving towards these smart refrigerators including LG, Kenmore and Whirlpool, all of which are available at Sears Hometown Store.

For more of the latest trends in home design and appliances, check back with us here in the Home Sweet Home section.

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