HOME SWEET HOME: The perfect washer and dryer: front loading vs. top loading

HOME SWEET HOME: The perfect washer and dryer: front loading vs. top loading


Picking out a new appliance can be difficult, especially when it comes to washers and dryers. It seems like every few months, companies come out with a new set of features to outdo the last model.

At Sears Hometown Store in Franklin, they are bringing you the newest appliances possible with expert knowledge to back them up.

According to a Sears Hometown Store employee, in the last few years, the most popular washers and dryers were front-loading. However, within the last year, she says she has seen an uptick in the number of traditional top-loading machines being bought.

Here is the breakdown of each:

Top-loading washers

  • Top-loading washers are better at cleaning and have larger capacities than front-loading washers.
  • They spin faster, which gets rid of the excess water, and cuts drying time.
  • Tip: When looking to buy a top loader, reach in and see if you can touch the bottom of the machine. If not, you may want to look for one a little more shallow.
  • Top loaders are also more cost-efficient and have a markedly longer life than front loaders.

Front-loading washers

  • Front loading washers are generally more expensive.
  • They are more gentle on clothing than top loaders and use a small amount of water.
  • Many customers complain that they’re front loading washers have mold. This is because water tends to get in the door frame or rubber folds and quickly turns moldy. This mold can also cause a bad odor.
  • They are often stackable and can be tucked in small spaces, making them the more space efficient choice.


For dryers, the differences are fewer, considering the traditional front-loading dryer is still much more popular than top-loading. The only main difference is the approach you take when unloading. A top-loading machine is easier on your back and posture, while a front loading requires lots of crouching and bending.

We hope that with this information, picking a model can be a little less overwhelming. At Sears Hometown store, both types are readily available and there is a helpful staff on hand to answer any and all of your questions.

As an added bonus, between now and the end of the month, the store is running a special on all Kenmore Appliances. You can purchase any Kenmore Appliance for 20-40% off. With every purchase, a donation is being made to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

For a few suggestions, here is a selection of some of their best sellers:

Kenmore Front-Load Washer

According to the website, this washer “makes easy work out of tough stains and huge piles of laundry. Features like Stain Boost, Delayed Start and Advanced Rinsing Technology cut down on time spent handling laundry, giving you more freedom to enjoy your day.”

This washer is perfect for condos, apartments, or small homes so you can still enjoy the luxury of doing laundry at home without sacrificing a lot of space.

Kenmore Top-Loader Washer

This top-loader has a classic design and lots of washing strength. It also features Kenmore’s exclusive Triple Action functionality that uses powerful spray jets to thoroughly clean clothing. It is user-friendly with convenient dispensing systems that release fabric softener into the load at the perfect time.

LG Front Load Washer with TurboWash Technology

The TurboWash technology saves up to 20 minutes a load, and features the TrueSteam technology that reduce wrinkles. It also uses special technology to be extremely quiet.

It has an easy-to-use Dial-a-Cycle and LED display. It was also recognized as the most efficient of ENERGY STAR in 2014.

Whirlpool Front-Load Paired Gas Dryer

This gas dryer features the AutoDry™ drying system that senses when clothes have reached the ideal dryness level. It also features a 7.0 cubic foot capacity dryer drum, so there’s plenty of room to easily handle large, bulky loads.

Kenmore Electric Dryer with Wrinkle Guard

According to the website, “This large-capacity dryer can tackle almost any sized load, from sopping towels to wispy delicates, with ease. Dual Sensor technology adjusts temperatures and monitors dryness so you don’t have to while Wrinkle Guard keeps fabrics from getting wrinkled after the dry cycle ends.” It also has four temperature settings and an “air dry” option.

For more information on these items and more, call Sears Hometown Store at (615) 599-6953 or visit their website. You can make an appointment with one of their washing machine experts, or come into the store at 1415 Liberty Pike Franklin for personal assistance. Follow them on Facebook to find out the latest store updates and sales.

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