HOME SWEET HOME: Top 10 tips to spruce up your home for fall

HOME SWEET HOME: Top 10 tips to spruce up your home for fall

Changing home decor is laborious, we can all admit it. At best, it’s a necessity you do once or twice a year when you get tired of looking at the same ole’ things. However, with these ten tips, transitioning your seasonal decor has never been easier. Who doesn’t love a cozy home?

  1. Mini pumpkins

There’s no better way to say “fall is here” than with miniature pumpkins. Putting them in reading nooks, on kitchen tables, or at the front door brings the perfect amount of fall spice to a room.

  1. Latte/ fall drink mixes

Prep your kitchen with mixes for pumpkin spice lattes and fall cocktails such as Kentucky mulled cider, apple cider mimosas or a maple bourbon old fashioned.

  1. Change out throw pillows

Switching out throw pillows is a simple change that can make a huge difference in your home’s appearance. Small accent changes change the atmosphere of a room. So, where you may have once had spring-colored pillows with a floral design, you can swap out for orange chevron or a dark, leafy pattern.

  1. Candles

One of the first things you notice when walking into a room is smell and lighting. Candles add a generous amount of comfort and coziness to a room. We recommend you use fall scented candle, such as pinecones, fall leaves, or cinnamon spice along with several unscented candles. That way, your house doesn’t end up smelling like a candle shop and instead has the perfect amount of scent with ample warm lighting.

  1. Warm lights

As stated before, warm lighting is key for a fall-inspired home. We suggest that for fall evenings, you turn off your overhead lights and use lamps and candlelight to set the tone. If you prefer overhead lighting, make sure to use warm tinted light bulbs. Those can be found at your local grocery or drugstore.

  1. Throw blankets

Throw blankets, while actually keeping you cozy and warm, are also a great decoration for fall. Make sure to focus on greys, blacks, browns, mauves, oranges or warm tans, depending on the style of your house.

  1. Decorative wreaths and pinecones

These are the easiest decorations to get by far. It’s simple: Walk outside! You can hand make wreaths out of old limbs, branches and leaves. For the pinecone décor, all it takes is a glass bowl and pinecones from your backyard.

  1. Layer rugs

Although hardwood floors are classic, sometimes adding a little flavor and warmth is needed. For the colder months, layering large rugs is in. No more chilly toes!

  1. Prep the fireplace

Whether you need to get the maintenance man out to prep your chimney or go outside and chop some firewood, do it now so that you can enjoy it as the nights bring in the chilly air. Curling up with a hot mug of apple cider and your favorite movie are made so much sweeter with a warm fire.

  1. Think dark

It is very on trend nowadays to have light walls, counter space and appliances. For summer, it is even good to keep light colored rugs, blankets, pillows, etc. However, for fall, you’ll want to bring it back down a notch. When putting out decorations, make sure to focus in on one central deep color to run throughout the house. Some of our favorites are maroon, burnt orange and dark taupe.

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