Morning Pointe’s "weighted blankets" provide therapeutic benefits

Morning Pointe’s "weighted blankets" provide therapeutic benefits

Above, Morning Pointe of Brentwood resident Barbara Witt enjoys a moment of relaxation under a custom weighted blanket. // SUBMITTED PHOTO


“Peanuts” comic strip character Linus may have been ahead of his time with his always-present blanket.

Studies have confirmed that Linus’s accessory has benefits.

Plush blankets — known as weighted blankets — are used by residents at Morning Pointe of Brentwood, and they are clinically proven to provide benefits for people living with anxiety and depression. But according to Heather McCarl, Lantern program director at Morning Pointe, they are also useful for Alzheimer’s and dementia residents dealing with restlessness, agitation and discomfort.

“These blankets are a very positive addition to our Meaningful Day(tm) and Cuddle Therapy programs,” says McCarl, who has witnessed dramatic changes in residents. “From pacing to anger issues, this blanket truly brings comfort when it’s needed most.”

The Lantern at Morning Pointe’s programming offers a variety of activities and events designed to promote calm and relaxation for residents with various memory care needs.

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