Nolensville board bids farewell to outgoing alderman, looks ahead to next year

Nolensville board bids farewell to outgoing alderman, looks ahead to next year

Alderman Brian Snyder’s last Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting was on Wednesday night. / Photo courtesy of the Town of Nolensville.


The Nolensville Board of Mayor and Aldermen bid farewell to outgoing Aldermen Brian Snyder and looked ahead to 2019 in its last board meeting of the year.

Snyder considered running for mayor this year, but later withdrew his name from the ballot because he wasn’t sure he would have enough time. His term as an Aldermen ends this year and Wednesday was his last meeting.

“There hasn’t been a finer individual to serve this town,” Vice Mayor Jason Patrick said of Snyder at the meeting.

Snyder was appointed to the board in 2009 and won elections in 2010 and 2014. He has also served on the Planning Commission, Town Events Committee and Emergency Management Committee.   

Snyder said he was proud of his time on the board. He said the construction of a new town hall and the county recreation center were some of the greatest achievements during his time on the board. 

“The part I’ve enjoyed is the relationships. I’ve enjoyed talking to people,” he said at the end of the meeting. “I can tell you my phone rings all night. We’ve had people over at our house. I’ve looked at plans in the kids’ bedrooms, on the kitchen table … And I’ll miss it.”

Some board members also used the final meeting of the year to look ahead to 2019. Patrick brought up several proposals he wanted to board to consider in the future.

He suggested raising property taxes to fund road construction and some type of fire department.

“We’re just to a point where we have to do it,” he said. “I don’t even know that it’s unpopular. I think that’s what the citizens are saying, if that’s what we need to do we’re willing to contribute more.”

He also asked whether the board would want to raise funds for a paid fire department by changing the town’s ordinance on sprinkler systems. Right now the town requires fire sprinklers in new buildings. Patrick said the town could waive that requirement and create a development fee to help pay for a fire department.

In light of rising interest rates, Patrick also suggested refinancing the city’s debt to lock in a low interest rate. He also said the board should consider taking on new debt while interest rates are still relatively low to pay for projects like Sunset Road or Rocky Fork Road.

“I hope you don’t think about putting all of these items on one agenda to start the year off,” Mayor Jimmy Alexander joked.

The board also discussed the progress of the McCord Nolen development. Several board members were growing impatient with the lack of progress. Snyder said the town should consider pulling the developer’s bond because of the lack of progress.

There were only two items on the board’s agenda for the two hour meeting. The board approved a change to a contract for a trail building project at Nolensville Elementary School. The board also approved a resolution to award a contract for improvements to Rocky Fork Road.

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