Nolensville introduces community to new boys basketball coach John Stigall

Nolensville introduces community to new boys basketball coach John Stigall


John Stigall was introduced to the public as the next head coach of Nolensville High School’s boys’ varsity basketball team Tuesday evening in the school’s library.

He addressed parents and students before setting aside some time to talk with them.

Stigall had spent the last 10 years in Clarksville as head coach of Kenwood and then at Northeast in Clarksville. He said it was hard to leave that community, but he is excited to get to work in Nolensville.

“It was a tough thing to leave; I’m leaving a great situation,” Stigall said. “But I think that speaks to what I think about this program. I hope ten years from now I’m not leaving.”

There is a bit of a race against the clock to start his tenure, and the new coach knows it.

“We’ve got to get a lot done in a short amount of time,” Stigall said. “We’ve got to take the direction that we didn’t have over the past couple weeks and put it in fast forward.”

Stigall went on to talk about what style of basketball he plans to implement at Nolensville. He said he doesn’t plan to stick to one philosophy but does plan to follow some core beliefs.

“We’re very defensive-minded,” Stigall said. “I don’t think you can be good in the postseason unless you can defend and rebound. It’s about being disciplined and being committed to what we want to do on the defensive end.”

With the rest of his time at the podium, Stigall explained to the community his plans for both the team and the parents. With his players, he promises to develop work ethic right away by finding and continuing the program’s niches of excellence in everything, toughness and skillfulness.

Stigall said he intends on furthering the developmental aspect of the program and the three dimensions to it: physical skills, mental and emotional (the team aspect) and the character and spiritual side.

“We want to make sure we take care of the whole of the athlete,” he said. “Some of the other things will fall into place, hopefully.”

To the parents, he promises to lead well. Sometimes there will be some tough love, but it will all be in attempt to help the athletes become a better athlete and individual.

“I’m going to care about your kid as a total person,” Stigall said. “You never understand how important a coach is until your kid has one, or has a bad one. You give us your most prized possession, and we cannot take that for granted.”

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