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Planning Commission defers site plan for insurance agency

The Nolensville Planning Commission unanimously deferred approval of a site plan for Toby Florek-Farmers Insurance until next month.

The Nolensville Planning Commission unanimously deferred approval of a site plan for Toby Florek-Farmers Insurance until next month.

To honor an interlocal agreement, town officials first want to obtain the City of Brentwood’s consent for commercial expansion on the property at 7035 Nolensville Road before approving the site plan.

The business would move into an existing building that has traditionally been used for commercial purposes.

Though commissioners foresee no issues getting the city’s agreement, Commission Chair Rick Owens said, ‘We want to dot our ‘I’s and cross our ‘T’s.’

Mayor Jimmy Alexander also requested that at the November planning meeting, Florek present a site plan revised to exclude the parking area that crosses over the property line.

Bent Creek sinkholes repaired

The commission passed a final plat for a portion of phase six of Bent Creek subdivision after addressing sinkhole issues with lots 17-22.

Commission Secretary Bob Haines said because homeowners could potentially sue the town, he wasn’t comfortable with approving a plat with sinkholes.

‘I’ve seen instances where a town approves in an iffy area, and the iffy has become reality, and whoever gets injured then sues the approving party. In this case, it would be the town,’ Haines said.

Town Engineer Don Swartz verified the developer followed state protocol, which requires that TDEC inspect the area in question, followed by another inspection by either TDEC or a geotechnical firm after the sinkholes are repaired.

Buyers are notified about the sinkholes, which have been repaired.

Public comment on Sunset Park bond reduction

On behalf of Sunset Park residents, local Marianne Nagy asked about the 33 percent reduction of a maintenance bond for the subdivision on the meeting’s agenda.

Nagy discussed a list of 13 issues with the town engineer prior to Tuesday’s meeting, asking that the issues be rectified as quickly as possible, because the maintenance bond ends Nov. 1, 2014.

‘Maintenance means maintenance, and ideally, we want [the issues] corrected now, because we only have a year to work with by the verbiage of the bond,’ Nagy said.

Swartz addressed the commission, ‘I was provided with 13 items within Sunset Park, but not all of those deal with public improvements covered under performance or maintenance bond.’

Issues covered by the bond ‘ including stormwater curb extension facilities and the completion of a portion of the subdivision’s sidewalk ‘ are being addressed, Swartz said.

He added the town would not approve the transition of the maintenance bond until problems covered under the bond are fixed.

Transitioning from one bond to another doesn’t absolve builders of any responsibility when we do transition, it is done with due diligence. If it’s not fixed, they don’ get released from the bond. They will perform what they’re required to perform.

Commissioners also passed:

  • Revised preliminary plats concerning connectivity between two phases of Benington subdivision and the future Benington II
  • Maintenance bond reduction for Sunset Park
  • Transition to and reduction of maintenance bond for phases two and three of Catalina subdivision. Swartz said he is meeting with subdivision developers Wednesday to go over sidewalk repairs for the neighborhood.
  • Transition to landscape maintenance bond and reduction of bond for phase three of Catalina.
  • Performance bond extension for phase one of Nolen Park, which is nearing build-out
  • Landscape performance bond extension for phase one of Nolen Park
  • Performance bond extension for phase two of Nolen Park

Town administrator workshop

The mayor announced that town officials will meet Oct. 28 at Town Hall to discuss the hiring of a town administrator to start Jan. 1.

Jessica Pace covers Williamson County, Williamson County Schools and the Town of Nolensville for BrentWord Communications. Contact her at or follow her on Twitter @Jess_Marie_Pace.

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