Public hearing for Brittain Downs East master plan scheduled for Thursday town meeting

Public hearing for Brittain Downs East master plan scheduled for Thursday town meeting


Among many items to be discussed at their Thursday night meeting, the Nolensville Board of Mayor and Aldermen will hear from the community on the proposed approval and rezoning of the Brittain Downs East site.

The public hearing is scheduled as part of the Board’s regular agenda, and residents or concerned citizens are invited to speak on the topic.

The item in question, Ordinance 19-02, seeks to approve the site’s master concept Planned Unit Development (P.U.D.) plan and rezone the suburban residential property to suburban residential with a P.U.D. overlay, a development scheme which allows for different lot configurations. 

In other words, since the original plans for Brittain Downs East were approved, land has been added to the development property. Now, the new land must be rezoned in order to be incorporated into the  development.

Town Planner Sarah Sitterle said this particular piece of land was subdivided from the Sunset Middle School property, zoned suburban residential, and is proposed to serve as an extension of two streets within the development, Hibiscus Lane and Eden Rose Place.

Town leaders do not anticipate much opposition at the public hearing.

“In this particular case, the neighbors had come out and been in support of it,” Sitterle said. “It’s something they didn’t have an issue with … the lot sizes proposed are very similar to the existing ones.”

Sitterle said the ordinance would not bring in an outside street into the development, but simply loop the two streets already within Brittain Downs East. The only traffic generated by the extension, Sitterle said, would come from the additional lots.

After the public hearing, the ordinance will be scheduled for a second and final reading.

Town leaders will also hear an ordinance to amend the town budget for the fiscal year 2018-2019, the second reading of an ordinance to amend the town’s municipal code of ethics, and an ordinance which would change the town’s municipal code as they relate to swimming pool and building permit fees.

Along with its regular committee reports, city leaders will also hear an appointment to the Historic Planning Commission, a resolution to the local government insurance plan electing the opt-in provision for access to health insurance coverage for eligible retirees, and a resolution to release Regent Homes, LLC from the maintenance bond pertaining to roads and public improvements within Brittain Downs Phase 3, Section 2.  

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. on March 7 at Nolensville Town Hall.

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