Red Cross encourages use of its smart phone app in weather emergencies, disasters

Red Cross encourages use of its smart phone app in weather emergencies, disasters

The American Red Cross is encouraging people of Tennessee to use their smart phones and tablets to prepare when weather is at its worst.

With the Emergency App people have instant access to weather alerts, life-saving information and ways to contact family and friends in one free, easy-to-use app for mobile devices.

This all-inclusive app provides expert advice on what to do in case of disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, home fires, wildfires and more. The free Emergency App is available in app stores for smartphones and tablets by searching for the American Red Cross or by going to

“With expected spring storms building throughout Tennessee over the coming days, it’s important for families to stay safe and connected,” said Joel Sullivan, chief executive officer for the American Red Cross of Tennessee. “Our Emergency App does that. It covers 14 different types of disasters and lets users customize more than 35 emergency alerts so that they will know what to do no matter where they live or travel.”

“Family Safe” is a new, unique feature that allows the app user to notify loved ones who are in an area affected by an emergency or disaster. The recipient can instantly see the alert details as well as specific “what to do now” steps, and then respond with either “I’m safe” or “I’m not safe.” This feature works even if the recipient has not downloaded the Emergency App.

The Emergency App has many features, including:

· Emergency first aid information for situations such as heart attacks, heat-related emergencies as well as water safety information;

· Preloaded content so users can access guidance from Red Cross experts even without mobile connectivity;

· A single map with open Red Cross shelter locations and weather information;

· A home fire section with detailed prevention and safety tips as well as Red Cross “After the Fire” information;

· A “Make a Plan” feature to help families plan what to do and where to go if a disaster strikes; and

· The ability to easily toggle between English and Spanish.

In addition to smartphones and tablets, this feature will be available on the Apple Watch and can be downloaded from the Apple Watch App Store.

While apps can help prepare someone for disasters, it’s important to note that they are not substitutes for training. People can take Red Cross First Aid and CPR/AED courses so they’ll know what to do in case help is delayed. They can get information and register at

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