Reliant Bank partners with Hytch carpooling app to offer rewards for ride-sharing

Reliant Bank partners with Hytch carpooling app to offer rewards for ride-sharing

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Reliant Bank is paying incentives to motivate commuters to share rides in an eight-county area of Middle Tennessee including Chattanooga’s Hamilton County. To help relieve traffic congestion and ease commutes, Reliant is partnering with Nashville-based Hytch Rewards, a free smartphone app that validates and rewards ride-sharing behavior through synchronized GPS technology.

Hytch Rewards is an app for iOS and Android that launched in February 2018, with Nissan North America.

Nissan North America, in partnership with Hytch and Reliant Bank, has committed to a one-cent reward for every shared mile ending anywhere in Tennessee, plus an additional four cents per shared mile ending in the eight-county area surrounding Nashville.

Since its launch, the Hytch community has tracked and been rewarded for more than one and a half million vehicle miles not driven.

“We admire what Hytch Rewards is doing to help alleviate traffic congestion and improve air quality in our communities,” Kim York, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at Reliant Bank, said.

“Through our sponsorship, Reliant Bank becomes part of Nashville’s transit solution and brings that model to Chattanooga. It’s about partnership, promoting strong connections, and helping foster a healthier, less congested environment where we live and work,” York said.

Reliant Bank’s incentive plans target:

  • Morning and afternoon congestion in Hamilton and Maury Counties by offering four cents per mile at peak weekday times.
  • Afternoon congestion in Rutherford, Davidson, Robertson, Williamson, Hickman, and Sumner Counties by offering one cent per mile during afternoon commute times.
  • Morning congestion for students of MTSU and Lipscomb University by offering four cents per mile during morning commute times.

“We know being in college is challenging enough, so we are thrilled to help relieve some of the financial burden as students travel to classes and jobs,” York said.

The bank, which has branches near both campuses, also offers free student checking and savings accounts.

To learn more about the Reliant Bank partnership and rewards, click here.

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