Sanctuary Functional Medicine treats people, not patients

Sanctuary Functional Medicine treats people, not patients

At the new Franklin office for Sanctuary Functional Medicine, Dr. Eric Potter MD doesn’t just treat illnesses and injuries.

His distinctive healthcare practice aims at nothing less than providing care for the whole person to the glory of God.

Since completing his formal training at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in 1999, Dr. Potter has applied his healing skills in settings from primary care to inpatient hospital medicine. However, after his own family members were ill-served by the conventional health care system with its minimal doctor-patient contact and its endless prescription medications Dr. Potter learned about a better business model in Direct Primary Care and a better clinical approach in Functional Medicine.

Dr. Potter’s concerns about conventional medicine, coupled with his commitment to pursuing the best patient outcomes via whole-person care, led to the opening of his Spring Hill practice in 2014, and that practice grew. In fact by 2015 Dr. Potter realized he needed a second office in Franklin just to accommodate the increasing desire for his special kind of practice. With Chapel Hill physician Dr. Theron Hutton MD now serving existing and new patients in the Spring Hill office, patients can make appointments now to see Dr. Potter in the Sanctuary Franklin office once it opens next Monday, August 29.

The Sanctuary approach is extensive and compassionate. If you’re intrigued at the notion of   physicians who are rooted in modern medicine – board certified in internal medicine (Dr. Potter) and family medicine (Dr. Hutton) – but who focus on their patients as people rather than as charts, numbers and test results, Sanctuary was created with you in mind.

“We practice functional medicine, which treats whole persons by addressing root causes with the best of natural medicine and conventional medicine, while emphasizing and taking advantage of the body’s innate ability to heal,” said Dr. Potter.

Sanctuary cares for both adults and children from Williamson County and throughout Middle Tennessee, as well as people from other states who have sought our Dr. Potter based on his growing reputation for patient care and success treating a wide range of disorders including complex metabolic conditions. Wherever they hail from and whatever ails them, Sanctuary patients share a desire for a different kind of healthcare than the approach that leave patients feeling like they’ve been on an efficient factory’s conveyor belt.

“Some [patients] simply want a primary care physician who’s open to natural therapies, a caring and trained clinician who takes time to explain therapies; while other patients have seen numerous physicians without clear or effective answers to plaguing health issues, and they simply want relief from both their suffering and their uncertainty,” Potter also said.

Another distinct benefit to patients is Sanctuary’s independence from the dominant and daunting insurance model. Instead, Sanctuary’s approach to care is direct pay. That rediscovered model is more relevant today than ever, since it restores the focus back on care rather than on bureaucracy and billing.

“We are free to care for patients and be their advocates without the messy snags and artificially adjusted costs that come with insurance contracts,” Potter said. “This allows us to spend more time with patients, treating each as an individual rather than just a disease, symptom, or billing code.”

To learn more about Sanctuary Functional Medicine’s approach to restoring health and empowering patients to improve their own health, set up an initial visit with Dr. Potter by calling 615-815-5941 or visit the website at

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