State releases newly designed online state report card featuring to grading metrics and features

State releases newly designed online state report card featuring to grading metrics and features


Parents of public school students can now get a better understanding of student performance with the new, redesigned state report card released Tuesday morning for the 2017-18 school year.

Developed by the Tennessee Department of Education, the newly designed state report card allows parents to not only view each school district’s performance, and each individual school’s performance, on a number of different criteria such as academic performance, growth, or even chronic absenteeism, but includes newly developed features such as a full Spanish translation, performance breakdowns by student groups, as well as brand new data on things like discipline and attendance.

“We want families to have easy access to information about their school’s performance and how it is meeting the needs of all students, and we want them to have that context on a variety of metrics that encompass success,” said Education Commissioner Candice McQueen. “The report card provides parents and community members with an additional snapshot of information to understand how their school is performing, see successes, and know where to ask questions and get engaged.”

The newly designed state report card has implemented a new grading feature based on the state’s Tennessee Succeeds program, using a 0.0 – 4.0 grading scale to measure six different indicators that measure student success. The Tennessee Succeeds program aims to see Tennessee rank among the top half of states on educational progress by 2020, have students’ average ACT score reach 21 by 2020, and have a majority of students earn a post-secondary certificate, diploma, or degree by 2020.

More information on the newly released state report card can be viewed by clicking here, whereas the report card itself may be viewed by clicking here.

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