Steel Magnolias podcast is Southern sisters’ attempt to share and preserve what is good

Steel Magnolias podcast is Southern sisters’ attempt to share and preserve what is good

Lainie Stubblefield and Laura Beth Peters of Franklin grew up knowing that the South does things a little different, but now after decades of living in the Nashville area, they have decided the quirkiness of the South is one that they not only embrace, but that they want to share with others in hopes to hold onto the good.

This past Thanksgiving weekend, the sisters launched Steel Magnolias, a weekly podcast about Southern life, food, customs, places and history.

Lainie graduated from Brentwood High School (’88) as student body vice president and went on to study Corporate and Organizational Communication at Western
Kentucky University (’92). Little did she know that all that love of communication and leadership would lead to a now hobby putting her in front of a microphone at
her kitchen table each week with her younger sister.

Laura Beth Peters graduated from Brentwood High School (’99) and went on to study marketing, while enjoying writing on the side for student publication The Daily Beacon while at the University of Tennessee (’03).

Peters came to her sister with the idea to share their love of hospitality, cooking, Southern culture, events, and travel through the method of a podcast.

“I just figured that this is the way people are enjoying learning about new things. I myself listen to several podcasts, and love the way I can listen on the go to any topic I want, or settle into a story via a podcast all while I clean my kitchen,” Peters said.

According to the technology website Mar Tech, 44% of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast, 26% listen to podcasts every month, 17% weekly, with 6% avid fans.

They decided on the name Steel Magnolias Podcast to reflect the strength of a Southern woman that’s matched with grace and femininity as portrayed in the magnolia. Weekly episodes are recorded in Stubblefield’s Franklin home and released through Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher and TuneIn.

“I truly love the South and hope to preserve the good that comes out of the people and places here. There are so many new people moving here that I think it’s
important to share with them where the kindness, resourcefulness, and good cooking comes from in us Southerners,” Stubblefield said.

It’s definitely a passion project but one that is being enjoyed by some fans that clamor week to week for the next episode. One review left on iTunes reads, “I love the hospitality and gentle pace of this podcast. It’s such a stark and charming contrast to so many other messages we’re hearing that tell us to ‘hustle’ and ‘do all the things.’ These sisters feel like dear friends who are encouraging me to slow down and use the good china and enjoy life to the full. I appreciate how they share not only good ideas, but things they genuinely love and want us to feel the same way about them.”

Episode topics include everything from thoughtful gift-giving, Bourbon 101, pimiento cheese, thank you notes, highlights of Southern attractions, a little history and a whole lot of butter!

Steel Magnolias Podcast is available now. For more information visit

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