Sunset Road project will slow down in winter, but is still on track for completion by fall 2019

Sunset Road project will slow down in winter, but is still on track for completion by fall 2019


The Sunset Road project will slow down during the next several months, but according to the town of Nolensville the project is ahead of schedule and under budget.

“Things appear to be moving pretty smoothly,” Town Engineer Don Swartz said at a Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting in December. “It will wind down considerably during the winter, January and February especially. But the project is still moving forward and we are ahead of schedule. We’re ahead on time, and behind on the money … so we’re on budget with that as well.”

Weather could always slow the project down, but Swatz wrote in an email that the contractor, Jarret Builders, will excavate on the north margin of Sunset Road in preparation for widening the road during the next 30 days. After that, the contractor will work on storm drains and driveways for about six weeks.

Following that work, the contractor will pave the northern traffic lanes. In early spring, traffic will likely be switched from the existing roadway to the new road bed. Afterward, the contractor will then start working on the south side of Sunset Road. Swartz estimated that would probably take 10 to 12 weeks total.

When the contractor starts widening the bridge over Mill Creek this summer there will only be a single one-way lane of traffic. Cars will still be able to cross the bridge from both sides during construction, but will have to wait until the road is clear. A traffic light will control the one-way traffic across the bridge.

The bridge construction will likely take about three months to complete. It can only be done during the summer when the creek is low.

Swartz estimated that the final paving, striping and landscaping should be done by November 2019.

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