Thursday town meeting on first budget draft, Creekside Drive extension, may be a crowded one

Thursday town meeting on first budget draft, Creekside Drive extension, may be a crowded one


Nolensville leaders may well be met with a packed house at Thursday night’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BOMA) meeting.

On the agenda for the evening are two issues which have both received an outpouring of community response: the town’s first budget draft and a master concept plan which would extend Creekside drive.

The town’s first budget draft — especially where the Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department (NVFD) funds are concerned — has caused several residents to take to Facebook to express their thoughts.

Volunteer Chief Brian Moat, who already works as a career firefighter in Nashville, has implored town leaders to allocate enough funds to the NVFD to staff a full-time paid fire chief and other paid personnel. His goal is to ensure the department can continue to meet the needs of a growing community.

Moat said in a recent Facebook post he is not seeking the paid chief position for himself.

“Once approved and funded I will get the comfort knowing that our residents families (including my own) and the visitors to Nolensville will be properly protected by an adequately staffed and trained fire department,” Moat’s post read. “I have no plans to leave my job in Nashville to be the Nolensville Fire Chief. In fact, I am looking forward to having my free time back to work on my cattle farm.”

Of the proposed budget, Mayor Jimmy Alexander said, “Certainly we would like to be able to do a little bit more … Whatever we have right now, I can assure you it’s a balanced budget.”

He also said the town has given the NVFD more money this year, something he says is typical for the Town of Nolensville.

“Well, we had all of our department heads in and they all had a wish list, and we granted some of their wishes and others we couldn’t, so that’s the way it goes every year,” Alexander said.

The volunteer chief has been very vocal about the issue in the last week, even encouraging residents to attend the BOMA meeting in “I support NVFD” T-shirts.

But residents concerned about the town’s volunteer firefighters are not the only ones finding strength in numbers.

Town leaders will also hear an ordinance rezoning a property at Rocky Fork Road, which includes the proposed extension of a residential street, Creekside Drive, to a future neighborhood.

Residents opposing the connection turned out in droves at a March planning commission meeting, all donning red clothing and“Save Creekside” stickers. Some carried signs.

Despite the large gathering, the town’s Planning Commission voted almost unanimously to approve the Rocky Fork Road Property Rezoning and Master Concept PUD Plan.

Concerns about safety, increased congestion and the creation of an express lane through the residential area are some of the main reasons why residents have opposed the plan.

The town budget and the master concept plan each have two readings and public hearing to move through before they can be adopted by the town.

No matter what happens Thursday evening, town leaders may want to consider meeting at a larger venue.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen meets every first Thursday of each month. It’s next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. April 4 at Town Hall in Nolensville.

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