Williamson County Budget Committee approves $18 million for improvements to museums, libraries, rec centers, more

Williamson County Budget Committee approves $18 million for improvements to museums, libraries, rec centers, more


The Williamson County Administration Complex, along with ten other county facilities including the Longview Rec Center in Spring Hill and the Brentwood Indoor Sports Complex, could see major improvements in 2019 after the county budget committee approved an $18 million contract with Schneider Electric Monday night. If the county commission approves the contract during their Jan. 15 meeting, construction on the improvements will commence in February.

“In this pilot phase, we’re looking at 11 facilities that the county has, the most work of which is going to take place at [the Williamson County Administration Complex],” said Kyle Keith, senior project executive for Schneider Electric during the meeting. “This is going to make a transformational impact, not only on this facility, but the other ten that we’re talking about.”

For the county Administrative Complex, notable improvements include the installation of new double pane windows, re-roofing most of the facility, installing new boiler and chiller systems, as well as applying a new coating on the entire exterior of the complex, making it effectively “function like a new building,” according to Keith.

The other county facilities that will see improvements are as follows; the county library, the Beasley Industrial Building, the Archives Museum, the College Grove Artsitorium, the AOC Annex, the county Health Department building, the Longview Rec Center in Spring Hill, the Brentwood Indoor Sports Complex, the Community Services Building, and the Highway Complex facility.

PHOTO: A rendering of the Administration Complex after new windows, roof and exterior coating by Schneider Electric

While the Administrative Complex will see the majority of improvements, the other 10 locations will all see miscellaneous upgrades, such as new LED interior lighting and building automation systems being installed at all 11 sites. Other notable improvements include new liquid pool covers at Longview Rec and Brentwood Sports Complex, a new heating system at Beasley, and LED exterior lighting at eight sites.


Regarding the improvements to the Administrative Complex, studies conducted by Schneider Electric found that the improvements would save $300,000 annually in energy costs alone, with all work done guaranteed to perform for at least 20 years.

“You can see that a lot of the infrastructure of this building is original to this facility,” Keith said. “A lot of outdated lighting, a lot of mechanical systems that maintenance staff has done a good job to band-aid and patch along the years, but this is really going to transform the way that this building operates. We’re talking about a complete overhaul of everything that is within this building, so that when folks come up, they’re truly going to see a change.”

Built in the late 1950s, the Administrative Complex was originally built as a hospital, and has seen its maintenance costs rise significantly in recent years as Williamson County continues to grow in population.

County Mayor Rogers Anderson called the upgrades to the complex the “most efficient approach” to stretching the viability of the facility for county staff and residents alike, saying the improvements will see the building’s use last for at least another 20 years.

The final approval of the contract will be made by the county commission at 7 p.m. on January 15 during their public voting meeting at the Administrative Complex in Franklin.

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